We were delightfully indulged and enjoyed our indulgences more for knowing that children were benefitting, likely more significantly even than we did.

Our TravelSparks trip was altogether wonderful. We appreciated knowing that some of the cost of our trip was going to the Rainbow Reading Gardens’ Library in the different villages; we were delightfully indulged and enjoyed our indulgences more for knowing that children were benefitting, likely more significantly even than we did. While it was a trip that enriched us and which we will remember always, the children who learn to read because of the Library will have a skill which can truly offer them richer lives. Thank you, Nila, for creating this opportunity for us, and especially for the children.

Our guide, Bosco, was simply The Best. I recommend him without hesitation as he is knowledgeable and generous in sharing that knowledge. Our nights at Villa Seirama Alam were lovely; the view of the harbor from there is stunning. Noeardi, the captain of the boat which took us to Rinca and Komodo and on which we spent the night, must have a GPS in his head: he knows the waters and their remarkable currents incredibly well. And our meals were delicious as he is also a fabulous cook.

All in all it was the kind of trip dreams are made of, and we are grateful to you and your team for making it possible for us.

~ Susan Ruddy from Alaska, United States

Hanny Kusumawati at the Pier

I took the trip to Flores with Nila last year, and it was such a memorable trip!

Nila had spent years in the area, and she knows everybody (and is known by everybody), thus she has both useful local knowledge and precious contacts that enables me to experience an authentic trip in Flores and the surrounding islands.

The hotels she picked were all beautiful (including those in several secluded islands with private beach!), the recommended restaurants served delicious meals, and of course, the highlight of the trip was going to Rainbow Reading Gardens: dropping books and reading stories for children! The laughter of the children was actually my most precious memories!

~ Hanny Kusumawati,  @beradadisini,  www.beradadisini.com


My family and friends were the guinea pigs in sampling what Travel Sparks had to offer. It turned out to be our most educational, involved and fun vacations we ever had.

Travel Sparks combines Nila’s love and familiarity with the eastern Indonesian islands and people with her passion to get children into the reading habit via her movement, Taman Bacaan Pelangi (Rainbow Reading Garden).

As a result our 5-day trip to Labuan Bajo, Komodo Island and the areas turned out to be a perfect mix of experiencing the beauty of the area, the adventure of going to Komodo Island and watching the eponymous giant lizards in their habitat and participative, fun do gooding when we visited a village on Rinca Island and another in the mountain range behind Labuan Bajo, where we also experienced local culture in the form of the Caci Whip Fighting Ceremony.

We were joined by a friend and her daughter for the trip and what we found was that both the adults and the children had lots of fun, especially when interacting at the kids who had turned out for Taman Bacaan Pelangi activities. Our son shared with the children some of the card tricks he had learned and our friend’s daughter taught them some Australian children’s songs.

Language was not a problem as Nila’s English is superb. The food was great (Labuan Bajo had two first class Italian restaurants when we were there). The people were friendly and we had little to worry as Nila had taken care of everything for us – from greeting us at the airport to arranging the accommodation, diving or snorkling equipment rental, boat rides up to sending us off when the holiday ended.

I’d thoroughly recommend Travel Sparks to anyone planning to visit Labuan Bajo or the eastern islands. You have lots of fun, see beautiful scenery, get to do some good.

~ ONG Hock Chuan, @unspuntheunspunblog.com

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